Food Maker 1 Class

  • Extra Gear Workshop Curriculum

    Extra Gear Workshop Curriculum

    Gears are among the best STEM learning toys for young children to use to encourage creative problem-solving, spark recognition and understanding of cause and effect, and so much more...all things that young engineers need to learn! In this Workshop, Makers will manipulate gears, observe how they interlock, learn about torque and how it is used to turn gears, and arrange the gears on their board to make an interactive display. They will explore how simple machines like the wheel and axle in the gear mechanism illustrate leverage. Makers will see how the difference in size changes the way the gear train works, either generating more force, or more speed. They will apply math concepts to what they have observed with ratios. And finally, Makers will examine how these concepts apply to real life, as they identify gears and simple or complex machines in their environments.  The curriculum contains facilitator instructions, discussion questions, vocabulary words, history and uses of gears, extended discussions, and other activities. Main Vocab Words: Simple Machines, Gears  Each kit is designed for one student over 2, one-hour classes.  Subject: TechnologyAges: 4-10 KITS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Be sure to also add one kit for each child to your cart.


  • Extra Manufacture a Plush Bear Curriculum

    Extra Manufacture a Plush Bear Curriculum

    This Workshop is STUFFED with learning! Makers will research bear-themed literature for inspiration, and then imagine and write their own story. They will design this character, to create a beloved plush teddy bear, the character of their story brought to life. Makers will learn all about the process of manufacturing. They will compare and contrast artisan manufacturing with industrial manufacturing, and get a taste of what a teddy bear factory is like! Makers will explore the history of manufacturing and how it has benefited society, and then they will manufacture their very own teddy bear! They will perform Quality Control by making sure their product meets all regulatory snuggle standards. By the end of this workshop, our young authors/budding entrepreneurs will be equipped to market their product, a lovable plush bear with an engaging backstory...but if they choose to keep it instead, we wouldn’t blame them! The teddy bears are pretty cute!  The curriculum provides educational videos, including a visit to the bear factory where the skins were produced.  It also contains step-by-step instructions on how to ladder stitch. And there are fun facts about teddy bears and a curated list of bear stories for various ages to inspire Makers to imagine their own bear tale!  Main Vocab Word: Manufacturing Each kit is designed for one student over 2, one-hour classes.  Subject: Engineering/ManufacturingAges: 3-10 KITS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Be sure to also add one kit for each student.


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